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 Novelist Bodie Thoene, author of 72 books
“Congratulations on a truly wonderful and fascinating novel!  I have spent the last few days in a story unlike any I have ever read.” 

Artist Robin Hanley
“You are a gifted writer!  You write like a cinematographer—an academy award winning cinematographer!  Every scene is visually saturated with your gift of description and storytelling.”  

Debbie Black, Landscape Architect
“The Chumash history of the islands, the Cabrillo connection, juxtaposed to the modern dilemma of fish farming, complete with treasure hunt, crazed wild beasts, romance, bad guys, good guys, a hidden grave, and fantastic animals from the past—kept me quite satiated as a reader.  Finally, your settings were very compelling.  I’ve never dove or traveled to the Channel Islands, and you took me to both places.”  

Additional Reader
"Gotta get dressed and on with my day, but reading a just published novel that I can't put down called "Santa Cruz, The Island of Limuw" by Dale Kornreich. A heavily researched story about our nearby Channel Islands. So fun to read the familiar names of places in Ventura and Santa Barbra that we all know. A suspenseful mystery, a little romance, and interesting facts woven in. Like reading BL's "Icon," it's a timely and important novel that has the familiar locations of Central Coast and Tahoe."

Additional Reader
"What I really like about it is the subplots are really good and I can enjoy it, (600 + pages) knowing that it's not a quick read, and I can actually linger through rather than read it in one sitting. I want a good book to stretch out! I can tell he is a gourmet cook because his food and wine descriptions have me salivating. I rarely read a fiction, and when I do, I want it to be factually insightful. Bravo to Dale for getting it right on his first book!"